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by | Jan 4, 2020 | Covid-19, Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed several shortcomings in Canada. Healthcare system along with new opportunities. The question remains, what have we learned about the healthcare system’s capabilities or lack thereof during the coronavirus crisis and how might those lessons be applied in a post-COVID-19 world, whenever that day comes?

Our number one priority at Incasa Home Care Edmonton has always been to enable patients to maintain their health, wellbeing, and independence at home. By providing regular care and monitoring our client’s conditions, we can keep them out of the hospital or nursing home. That has become even more important now, to limit exposure to COVID-19 and provide safe care while living in their own home.

The pandemic has revealed the limitations of hospitals as the focal point of acute care delivery. Hospital staffing and resources are allocated based on normal patterns of patient demand. It would be cost-prohibitive for hospitals to gear up for peak patient demand, such as a pandemic, on an ongoing basis.

Our national COVID-19 experience thus far suggests that we must find alternative ways to deliver care and save the hospitals for their traditional role – surgeries and providing acute care for patients needing 24/7 monitoring and treatment. Alternative delivery models stand out, as COVID-19 has demonstrated their value to the overall healthcare system.

Home Care services include care by a Certified Health Care Aide, Licenced Practical Nurse, or Registered Nurse. The elderly and disabled have multiple health conditions, making them highly susceptible to COVID-19. Home is, by far, the safest place for them to receive care. At Incasa Home Care Services, we follow Alberta Health Services guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Want to learn more about our safety measures with COVID-19, Contact Incasa Home Care at 780 604-9688.

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