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Giving you that much needed “Me Time”. Being the primary caregiver can be both stressful and overwhelming. We know that you just want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of while being actively involved in their care.

In-home Respite Care can be the solution you’re looking for. Respite care isn’t simply passing on your responsibilities to someone else. It’s a way for you to take time to recharge physically and mentally so that you can continue to help support your loved one(s).

Sometimes the need for care is transient, as in the case of acute illness. More often however, family caregivers provide care for their loved ones over long periods of time, such as in chronic illness or progressive declining health. The duration and intensity of care services can lead to emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Caregiver burnout can manifest as depression, anxiety, stress, anger or hopelessness. The consequences of caregiver burnout are far reaching and can affect the family caregivers’ social life, finances, as well as relationships with other loved ones. Allowing our InCasa home care staff to assist you in caring for your loved one, we can help provide you with a much-needed break.

Edmonton In Home Care

At InCasa, respite care can take several different forms, including:

A few hours per week to provide a quick break

An overnight stay to help you get the rest you need

A few hours during the day or evening

If you have plans of your own and need someone you can trust to spend a few hours with your loved one, an overnight stay, or set hours per week, InCasa Home Care is the answer